Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Aboard!

Well, I've finally, after many months of indecision, decided to take a big personal step here. So, come along for the ride, won't you?

I've always wanted a place to share what I feel and I experience about what I do. My world is primarily two categories, transportation (in Minnesota) and hockey, primarily the NHL Minnesota Wild. That is what I deal with, day in, day out. So, that will be the focus of this blog. If I could have an 'A/B' toggle switch on this blog, I would, then you could go directly to your favorite category. So, for the sake of keeping this blog somewhat organized, this will be the format, at least in the beginning:

After the title of the article, there will either be a 'T' in the first text sentence somewhere for Transportation matters, or a 'H' for Hockey-related entries. All other entries will be an 'O' (for other) categorized blog. (Of course, if the title is obvious, you'll know which category it fits: An entry about the never-ending road construction in Minneapolis/St. Paul will probably not be an 'H' category blog, nor will a Wild schedule dissection belong in the 'T' category.)

So now, you ask, why the big indecision? Well, a little background is in order here:

For years, I embraced what technology was out there. The newer, the better, then Father Time started to slowly catch up with me. Then he got faster and I slowed down. So now, in this wonderful age of E-nlightenment, I am only now getting up to the level of the Huffington Posts of this world. Most 5th graders know more HTML than I do. Probably, you do too. I went to college about the same time that Paul Allen (not the radio one), Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were writing CODEC in Northern California. Unfortunately, the Almighty did not bless me with the intellect to cash in, like they did. So, I'm stuck, like a lot of you, having to work for a living.

That is where I come from. I hope you enjoy the journey. Remember, heavy traffic may cause sudden stop; and despite added security measures, pucks may enter the seating area at a high rate of speed!

Here we go...

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