Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ticket Day has arrived! (H)

Ok, folks, it's NHL Ticket Day. Time when 28 of the 30 teams (i.e., those that don't have major college football stadia in their back yards) get to start selling tickets with the official blessing of the NHL offices...wherever they may be these days (New York, Montreal, Toronto, a courtroom in Phoenix, wherever).

So, here's what we wound up with for Minnesota Wild road games:

Chicago, Oct. 26 -- Club level (We bought 'em Day One, back in August)
Toronto, Nov. 10 -- 300-level (I don't nearly have the $$$ for 100-level seats)
Washington, Nov. 13 -- Club Level (Club Acela; do the doors open?)
Carolina, Nov. 15 -- not yet. (Wait 'til Monday.)

and a few more yet to be announced, but with the schedule compressed to allow for the two-week Olympic break the last half of February, the road schedule got compressed, also.

We had to go to the secondary markets for the Toronto and Washington games. We didn't do all that bad; getting 6th row Balcony seats in Toronto, and 9th row Club level seats in Washington for less than face value. Hopefully, we get to be as fortunate when tickets for the RBC Center go on sale Monday morning.

So, with all that in mind, now it's onto the myriad of other arrangements (transportation, hotel, food, etc.,) to make these trips really go the way we want them to...


  1. I think I'm going to be at the Hawks game too. Wild blogosphere takes over the United Center!

  2. I posted on another board (Facebook?) that we should load up the UC...with Wild fans!

    Elise: Did you see that the Hawks say that the second Wild-hawks game (Jan. 5) has some of the most tickets still available?

    Not sayin, just sayin'...