Thursday, December 3, 2009

Russo to 'Russoville': Come back to the Strib blog

Michael Russo, Minneapolis StarTribune Wild beat writer, who most of us read like a religion (and, shame on you if you don''re missing out on a lot of Grade 'A' Wild info), announced on his blog this afternoon that there will be changes made, in order to repair the fracture in the relationship between the newspaper and its' readership, which came about as a result of a change in format of the Star-Trib's Wild blogsite. I'll let 'the Don' himself tell it:

"Just an update on the new blog format, couple changes you may have noticed and should be noticing in the near future, according to the in-house folks at the Strib:
1. The commenting system has been revamped, meaning there should no longer be delays and comments should all be on one page.
2. And this is the big one, We're in the process of changing the design and display of the blog fronts. We'll now show the entire blog post. It will mimic the old blog experience and make the blog fronts much more visual.
Any feedback once the changes are all in place, please feel free to let me know. But these will hopefully be significant improvements, so if you've taken your blog conversation elsewhere, come back and give us a try."

There have been several sites online (none of which will be mentioned here) that the old blog community, dubbed 'Russoville', migrated to after the demise of the old message boards, which occured shortly after the start of the current season. Despite the warnings from the readership prior to the change, the newspaper's I.T. department charged into the new format, which is similar to the format of the paper's '' website.

The newspaper is currently part of MediaGroup, although an independent group, led by Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and Minnesota financier Vance Opperman, have reportedly entered a bid to buy a minority interest in the paper. The paper filed for bankruptcy in January.

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