Sunday, April 10, 2011

So many stinkers. So little time. The 'Six-Pack of Suck' returns!

Ah, yes. Spring.

Birds chirping. Grass growing. Time for playoff hockey. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Wild are once again packing it in, after yet another losing season.

So, what WERE the 'worst of the worst' this past season? Which Wild games do you think were the most damaging games, in a season of basically damaged goods?

Yes, it's nomination time for the third annual 'Six-Pack of Suck' -- six games which, by their very outcome, defined the Wild's 2010-2011 season.

Add a comment to this blog entry, to add the game you loved to hate from this past season. We'll pick the 'worst of the worst' -- literally -- and include them in the list. Nominations close April 16th at 4 PM Central Time, and we'll post the results next weekend, when we review this disaster of a season.

Thank you!

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