Monday, December 12, 2011

Wild sweep thru California, finally get noticed by NHL 'Glitterati'

Four-game Western road sweep finally gets Wild noticed by mainstream hockey media; next stop Winnipeg

In my last entry, we opined on the fact that the NHL's media machine, while over-focusing on the upcoming Winter Classic game in Philadelphia on January 2, Sidney Crosby's concussion troubles and the lack of respect Alexander Ovechkin gave ex-Capitals coach Bruce Bourdeau, was giving very short shrift to the team that was at the top of the League's standings, the Minnesota Wild.

As the media darlings who call California home finally come around to the fact that Minnesota does have a team that can be competititve away from St. Paul, the begrudging acceptance has, albeit very slowly, been finally coming. Even, the League's on-line outlet, tweeted this morning:

1 hr Did You Know? The #1 team in the is the AND they've won 7 in a row. You should!

From The Hockey News: "Wild life: Meet Minnesota, the best team in the NHL."

Two ratings (, THN) have Minnesota as No. 1. Two others will release their weekly rankings on Monday.

And the best thing about all this? There's still more than half the season left to play, which means there's plenty of time for Wild fans to really get behind this group of young, talented players.

The bandwagon still has plenty of room. And then, there's the on-line group for the true Wild fanatics:

"The Church of Yeo." Look it up online. You know you REALLY want to.


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