Sunday, April 21, 2013

How 'bout a little help for the Wild?

If the Minnesota Wild could scream something at the rest of the NHL this Sunday morning, it very well could be saying:

'Thanks for nothing, guys!'

The fact of the matter, however, is that whatever team needed to lose in various games last week in the NHL, didn't. In fact, of the 12 non-Wild games I mentioned last week on this blog, only 4 of the 12 turned out the way that the Wild could eventually take advantage of, and 3 of those 4 were that the game didn't go to overtime or shootout. The only game that didn't go OT/Shootout that turned out the way the Wild would like was Calgary's 3-2 win at home Wednesday against faltering Detroit.

So, having said all that, we turn to the final seven days of the Western Conference race, where the race will finally and mercifully (for some teams, at least) end. The last four games of the season will feature three teams who are out of the race (Calgary, Edmonton, and Colorado) and one team -- Tuesday's home game vs. the LA Kings -- who has already clinched a playoff spot.

Update: 11:30 AM Sunday: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, of the Edmonton Oilers, is reportedly having shoulder surgery in Cleveland this coming week, ending RNH's season.

Do you think the Wild have a better chance this week? Let's find out...

Sunday, April 21: Wild at home, must beat Calgary
                              Colorado must beat St. Louis
                              Dallas at LA Kings cannot go OT/SO
                              Columbus at San Jose cannot go OT/SO

Monday, April 22: Chicago must win at Vancouver
                               Phoenix at Detroit cannot go OT/SO

Tuesday, April 23: Wild at home, must beat LA Kings
                               Phoenix must win at St. Louis
                               Dallas at San Jose cannot go OT/SO

Wednesday, Apr. 24: Detroit must beat LA Kings
                                   San Jose at Phoenix cannot go OT/SO

Thursday, Apr. 25:  Nashville must win at Detroit
                                Calgary must win at St. Louis
                                Columbus at Dallas cannot go OT/SO
                                Anaheim must beat Vancouver

Friday, April 26: Wild at home, must beat Edmonton
Saturday, April 27: Wild must win at Colorado
                                Chicago must win at St. Louis
                                Edmonton must beat Vancouver
                                All other Western Conference games must not go OT/SO

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