Monday, November 23, 2009

NHL Swag Watch -- Thanksgiving Week

One of the new things we will be doing from time to time, here at M & G, is looking at the freebies you get at NHL games, as teams will do anything to get your wallet thru the gate, and your butt in a seat. (A couple of these look absolutely lethal, in the wrong hands. But, I digress.) Some teams do not list giveaways in their game listings. All items listed are from the teams' individual websites, via

Here's this week's list (thru November 28th, updated November 25):

Colorado -- 'Beanie Night' for first 10,000 vs. Minnesota (November 28)

Columbus -- T-shirts for all on 'White-Out night' vs. Calgary (Nov. 28)

Dallas -- Team Yearbook (Nov. 28 vs. Tampa Bay)

Detroit -- Wall calendars (Nov. 25, vs. Atlanta); also a 'Riverfront Party' before the game (Nov. 27 vs. Calgary)

Florida -- Panthers' Jersey Luggage Tags (Nov. 27 vs. Toronto)

Minnesota -- McGruff the Crime Dog Crime Prevention Cards for all 14 and under only (Nov. 27 vs. Colorado)

New Jersey -- Energy-Efficient Light Bulb, 18 and over, New Jersey residents only (Nov. 25 vs. Ottawa); Youth Hockey Jersey, 13 and under only (Nov. 28 vs. NY Islanders)

NY Islanders -- 'Baby Crawl' at 1st intermission (Nov. 27 vs. Pittsburgh) with $500 team store 1st Prize

Pittsburgh -- Baseball Cap (Nov. 28 vs. NY Rangers)

Tampa Bay -- License Plate Tags, 1st 7,500 + 2,000 for STH's (Nov. 25 vs. Toronto); Mike Smith #41 hats, first 5,000 + 2,000 for STH's (Nov. 27 vs. NY Rangers).

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