Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I relaunched M & G

Welcome to the relaunched version of Mileposts and Goalposts!

While there are some minor changes, the largest immediate change here will be the splitting of M & G and the new, more transportation-focused Along the Right of Way (http://alongtherightofway.blogspot.com), which will primarily have the transit/transportation articles which were formerly mixed in with the hockey-related blogs, on the old M & G.

Here are a few reasons I relaunched Mileposts and Goalposts:

1. Not that I didn't enjoy my 20 months at Hitting the Post (I did), but I have been thinking about this since last summer. Since then, Nick Henry, HTP's creative force, who I was asked to fill in for, now has more time to spend on that blog. Three voices on one blog is a lot, especially when two of them are doing nearly daily posting.

2. I have an admission to make. I am a control freak.

I have wanted to have more control over what I put out than what HTP allowed. Not that the HTP format is a bad one, but it is very constraining at times, especially when you think that you have a lot to say. M & G will be my own blog, my own thing, done my way. You, the reader, will determine what you like and/or dislike. (And, I hope you join in and let me know what you like and dislike.)

3. There are a lot of Minnesota Wild-based blogs out there. Maybe not as many as some clubs(Original Six clubs, Vancouver, the Alberta teams) but more than most U.S.-based NHL teams. To be heard in this 'sea of me's', you have to come from somewhere different. I am hoping that the fact that I see the Wild in person up to 50 games a year gives me an edge over other blogs.

4. Some of the things I did at 'HTP' will come over here, such as the Wild post-game summary (although sometimes, this will be the next day; I need to get to sleep sooner after most Wild games), 'This 'n' That', and some new stuff as well, which I will develop in the next few months.

I hope you enjoy the ride! And, if there some things that get lost in the transition, we apologize in advance for forgetting them.

Wild Road Tripper
Creator and Publisher

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